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Hydrolyzed Oats

Hydrolyzed Oats

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Water Soluble (No Palm Oil)
This naturally derived, soluble form of Hydrolyzed Whole Oats that contains mainly oligosaccharides (carbohydrates). This novel skin care ingredient can be used to improve the feel properties of creams and lotions and imparts a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, giving it a near-velvet smoothness after drying.

Studies have shown that Hydrolyzed Oats retain significantly more moisture no matter what the humidity, and gain up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity - when extra moisture is most needed.
The word “hydrolyzed”  means that the compound has been split into smaller units through the process of hydrolysis.  Due to the low molecular weight of Hydrolyzed Oats, it can be easily absorbed by the hair shaft. This means your hair will retain moisture.

Applications and usage:
Hair Conditioners - both rinse off and leave on
Shampoo and cleansers
Sensitive Skin Products
Creams and Lotions
Styling aids and gels
In Hair Care:  Enhances lustre, helps repair, helps protect, reduces breakage, softens and smoothes the hair shaft, retains moisture
In Skin Care:  Soothing - for irritation and itching, hypoallergenic, imparts smoothness and glide, retains moisture

Recommended use rates:  1 - 5 %
Water Soluble