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Sulfate-free Lavender Conditioner Bar

Sulfate-free Lavender Conditioner Bar

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Pamper your hair with Habonera Lavender Conditioner Bars. They are free from irritating sulfates, parabens and silicones and won’t create build-up on your hair. They are made with the mildest and creamiest conditioning ingredients, keeping your hair soft and well-moisturized all day long. They go perfectly with Habonera Shampoo bars!

Lavender Conditioner Bars are made with a combination of Virgin coconut oil, Argan oil and premium cocoa butter to give extra moisture to dry and dull hair. It also has Vitamin B-5 to nourish your hair improve your its shine, softness and strength.

Scented with relaxing scent of Lavender to keep your hair and scalp feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

There are two main ways that you can use your conditioner bar:

  1. Apply directly on to the ends of your hair first and gently massage up to the roots. 
  2. Or you can lather up in your hands and then rub through your hair (this won’t create the soapy suds you’re used to from a shampoo bar, but rather a creamy paste)